BOEING 737-200

This is my first aircraft that I am publishing and it is an Alpha release. I hope to do all of the 737 series eventually and all will be released in demonstrator livery. This aircraft has been created using FS Design Studio Pro, painted using Corel PhotoPaint 8 and BMP2000, air file edited with AirEd and FDE using as much information as I could find. Moving parts were animated using Aircraft Animator and include turbine fans, ailerons, rudder and steering, flaps, spoilers and landing gear. The cockpit includes a crew and is night lighted. Cabin windows include passengers (see if you can find G.W. & Laura Bush, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton .... BG). Over 90% of the model is made up of 3d parts including gear wells that are textured. All of these extras increase polygon counts, however I still get very good frame rates. I would like to find someone who is good with editing air files to work with on improving this and my future projects.

737-200 in Boeing rollout livery for FS2000 only.
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