3D Studio Max to FlightSim 2002

Here is a tip I thought would be worth saving. This is a reprint of a post in the Avsim.com forum by David Segovia on how to get from 3d Studio Max to FS2002.
Edited and images added by me.

original post here


Hi folks,

Pandasoft has released this new Pandasoft DX export version for 3D Studio Max 4 and 5 (this includes 5.1 sp1 ) that works to compile a makemdl friendly .X file... so it can be processed with makemdl and get a fully usable aircraft without using Gmax at all ... without exporting and importing meshes.. without loosing animation or texture data ...

Go here to get it


BTW, there are versions for other versions of Max here too.

It can be used to export .X files for use in any application that needs meshes in that format .. but has been tested to work just perfectly with makemdl and FS2002.

The version is the only version that works with makemdl.exe so theres no 3dsmax 2 or 3 support.

You can adjust the specular glossiness and some other settings in 3DS Max to get the desired dynamic shine effect.

The plugin comes with lots of configuration settings but I got one that produces an .X file that works just fine ..

Here are the settings that I got to work correctly:

1. In the 3DS Max Objects tab select this :

Mesh definition,



Include Animation,


Mesh normals,

Mapping coordinates,

Vertex colors,

2. In the Animation tab select this:

Position, Scale & Rotate keys,

Animation Sampling Rate 30,

Key Frames instead of 3DS Max ticks,

Include Animation options,

Open and Linear Positions,

3. In the X File Settings tab select this :


Sub frame hierarchy,

Left Handed Axis,

4. The settings of the Texture tab are optional .. those are only for the person who wants to get their texture converted to the selected image file format or be scaled to nearest power of 2 when producing the .X file

So I would like to thank Andrew Tather, of Pandasoft and creator of this great plug-in, for his help and for listening to peoples suggestions because without his help, this new process wouldn't be possible.