Scaling In Gmax

This is an explanation of my method of scaling a project in Gmax.

I had tried the method of using the X-form modifier and found if this was done after designing a model for the earlier version of makemdl that it made a lot of work that was repetitious. This way seems to eliminate having to do any re-animantions and very little re-mapping of textures. This tutorial will take you from importing a DXF file to setting up and positioning for export to FS2k2.


To set-up for METERS, click on Customize, then Preferences.

Under the GENERAL tab you will find the System Unit Scale settings.

Next you will want to setup the units you prefer to work with. My choice is Decimal Feet.

This is handy as it allow you to take measurements from the project and use them in the aircraft.cfg file.

Next: Importing a DXF file.