Setting Up Multiple Gamepacks for MSFS
I am going to show you how to setup Multiple Gamepacks for MSFS. If you use the GMax sdk from Microsoft, it will setup the gamepack for FS2004 for you. Then all you have to do is replicate the directory structure for FS2002. First you need to make the sub-directories for the different versions in the gamepack directory as necessary.
Place the FS2002 FSModelExp.dle from your FS2002Pro install, makemdl.exe (version 8.00.020403.01 from the FS2002 SDK) and makemdl.cfg, if you have one, in the plugings subdirectory. The export dle and makemdl.exe are unique to each version of FS so don't mix them up. If you are using extras like mdlcommander and middleman v1.3 for the FS2002 gamepack, you will need to make the necessary modifications for them.
If you use the Tag Tool script, put them in the respective scripts sub-directory.
If you copy the shortcuts to your Start Menu directory, then all you have to do is click on Start or hit your WinKey on the keyboard, then launch gMax with the correct gamepack link. You can also put them on your desktop.
If you right click on a shortcut and select Properties, you will see the differences in the gamepack shortcuts as opposed to the plain gMax shortcut. Note that there is a Gmax.ini and a plugin.ini that are loading from the different gamepack sub-directories.
You can make or modify the ini files with a text editor or copy the ones from the gMax root directory or the FS2004 gamepack directory and modify them by simply launching gMax with the correct shortcut and use the Configure Path utility under Customize from the Menu Bar. Restart gMax if you have made extensive modifications to ini files copied from elsewhere. Note the name of the gamepack that is loaded on the Title Bar.
The main differences are the paths. The FS2002 gamepack being C:\gmax\gamepacks\FS2002 and FS2004 being C:\gmax\gamepacks\FS2004. The General Tab writes to the respective Gmax.ini file and the Plug-Ins tab writes to the plugins.ini file.
DO NOT try and open a gMax file by double clicking on it in Explorer because gMax has no way of knowing which gamepack to open for that model. Always open a gmax file AFTER you have loaded gMax with the correct gamepack shortcut.